What is the purpose of the Mont-Blanc Circle?


The Mont-Blanc Circle comprises closed networks that bring together peers from different professional domains (Legal, Compliance and Internal Audit) in a trust-based environment so that they can share experiences and debate strategy and matters that have an impact their day-to-day work. Sponsors are not involved.


Which matters are the members of the Mont-Blanc Circle interested in? What is the focus of the Mont-Blanc Circle?


The Mont-Blanc Circle concentrates on matters that relate to the operations of major corporations, to the general economic and business environment in Europe and beyond, and more specifically, to the strategic legal and/or compliance trends affecting leading executives in these respective domains.


How can you become a member?


In order to ensure a consistent and coherent membership, membership is subject to the Steering Committee validating the new member’s profile. Moreover, the Mont-Blanc Circle only accepts one member per company or organisation, thus underlining its intuitu personae and exclusive character.


What are the activities of the Mont-Blanc Circle?


First and foremost, the Mont-Blanc Circle enables its members to liaise and share experiences or questions with each other throughout the year. The members of each Circle meet up twice a year during a two-day member-only Retreat hosted by one of the members, where they can share experiences and benefit from presentations from first class external speakers.


How many members does the Mont-Blanc Circle have?


The number of members in each Mont-Blanc Circle is capped at about 40 in order to ensure optimal interaction and animated debates at the Retreats. This also enables the members to get to know each other well and build up a personal bond based on trust.


Why is the Circle named after the Mont-Blanc?


The Mont-Blanc is the highest mountain in Europe. Since the Mont-Blanc Circle brings together top executives from leading European corporations, the link to the Mont-Blanc mountain is not only synonymous but also logical.


What does the logo (i.e. the combination of a circle and a triangle) of the Mont-Blanc Circle depict?


The triangle refers to the fact that we bring together ‘top’ leading professionals and it also constitutes a reference to the Mont-Blanc mountain. The circle illustrates the fact that we are a network where all have an equal say, and where sharing experiences is central to our activities.


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