The MBC Experience


Being a member of the Mont-Blanc Circle is a unique experience that is very different from attending a conventional conference. The latter cannot guarantee that you will only meet up with peers, that you can have a grip on the agenda, that you can enter into a constructive debate with the participants and the presenter, etc.


The MBC experience is best expressed by its motto: Trust, Share, Act.


Trust: the first objective of the Mont-Blanc Circle is to create an environment of trust and respect where the Members can speak openly. This is why we meet up every 6 months at the premises of a member, why the members all maintain strict confidentiality, why new members have to be vetted by the Steering Committee, and why no sponsors are involved.


Share: the second objective of the Mont-Blanc Circle, once this environment of trust has been established, is to exchange experiences amongst peers through open dialogue and debate. In order to encourage this exchange, we always have a round table setting in the room and provide ample opportunity for all participants to contribute to the debate. The presentations are hands-on, practical, and relate to real-life experiences. There are no ex-cathedra presentations.


Act: the third objective of the Mont-Blanc Circle is to help the members to take concrete action when they are back in the office. This can even relate to topics or files not covered during a Retreat, the idea being that the members have a network and a sounding board that they can turn to in the event they are confronted with new or complex situations.


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